On the 09th February 2023, the SACAA conducted the SAMAA's ARO renewal audit. I am glad to report that the SAMAA passed the audit with no findings or observations.

The ARO status is now valid for the next year, until 28th February 2024.

Please distribute to your club members and publish it electronically. It has been published on the SAMAA website.

Best regards

Linda Dold
SMC Secretary/ARO QAM


also DOWNLOAD updated Manual Of Procedure (MOP) as received for distribution to members

1. There will be 3 (three) qualifying rounds flown. Each round will consist of 6 (six) events per class.

2. The number of pilots to be invited to the Masters will be determined by the number of pilots entering the various qualifying rounds. More detail to follow as the rounds are completed.

3. At least one independent non-flying judges/officials must be present throughout the events. They will time, count, and record all scores on the official score sheets provided. Additional assistants may be co-opted as required as line judges etc. if required. At least two independent non-flying judges/officials must be present during the Masters.

4. The score sheets must be returned within one week of the event being flown, to: Email to: Email addresses are using obfuscation for protection against spam-bots. JavaScript must be enabled to view the email address. Please – All queries and correspondence also to be directed to the above email address.

5. The rules/details of the six events to be flown for each round will be e-mailed to the organizer of each club/group. The organizer will keep the events sealed/safe till the day the round will be flown. Each event will only be read out immediately before the event is flown and events to be flown in numerical order.

6. All aircraft will be of a fixed wing type. A competitor may have TWO aircraft. One aircraft MUST be the primary for use during the competition. The other is a back-up and may only be used if the primary aircraft is damaged. The damaged aircraft may be repaired, but must be scrutinized by the judges and CD before being pronounced fit to fly. Competitors may share an aircraft, but if it sustains structural damage, then all the pilots using that aircraft MUST use the same back up aircraft, if one is still available.

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In response to concerns that our club is the only one with falling attendance I have spoken to John Daws from Pietermaritzburg as well as Rudi from Valley who also speak of falling attendances.

But I think the following from our member Keith re 2 Jhb clubs is quite informative !!

2016/10/10, 6:04:04 PM: Keith Kennedy: Hi Rollie DDRF is okay on a Saturday from around a half a dozen upwards whereas Sunday's which used to be busier than Saturday's is very quiet Regards Keith
2016/10/10, 6:10:41 PM: Keith Kennedy: I only go to NERF on Wednesday afternoons which are more or less the same as before bearing in mind it's a few over 60's Judging from the watsup group Weekends are very quiet other than early Saturday mornings which are official training times Both these clubs are struggling with membership numbers. Regards Keith

Scale Fly-In at Maritzburg on July 12th

The Maritzburg Model Aircraft Club is proud to announce that the 2015 Scale Fly-In is happening. Last year we had 13 flyers with over 20 aircraft, and more than 100 spectators, but this year we want it bigger and better.

It is a social event, where you fly when you want to. Non flying planes and helicopters are also very welcome, so come along and show us your latest scale project.

We request that each flyer pay us R20, and we will provide braai fires at lunchtime, and an upmarket toilet!  Bring your own refreshments. Spectators are also welcome to use the braai.

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8 a.m. to 1:00p.m.

Bring your old RC stuff and let us sell it off, and so create opportunities for new RC modellers to enter the hobby, at affordable cost.

Use your vehicle's boot as the basis from which your sales will be conducted, as well as the 4 meters behind your car.

MMAC does not intend charging any commission on sales. If you have a good sale, a donation to the Club will be appreciated.

The Club will be open for normal flying.

Go 3km along the road to the Lion Park, off the N3 to Durban. Follow the signposted dirt road to the left.

Contact information
Johan de Lange 082 202 4163
Keith Kirkham 082 895 7290

A quick "trip report" from the pilot of the 747 that flew the shuttle back to Florida after the Hubble repair flight. A humorous and interesting inside look at what it's like to fly two aircraft at once.....

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EVA Air Boeing 747-45EM taking off from runway 36L at Amsterdam-Schiphol, Netherlands . The great timing and angle just make this shot and the size of the 747, look surreal seeing the distance to the fence was a mere 145 meters(475ft)!

I wonder if anyone computed the takeoff distance prior to the trip?

This is an amazing picture of a disaster that didn't happen. Weight and balance calculations are a critical part of flight safety.....

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20 Jan             Valley

13 Feb             KZNPA AGM on the Wed evening at Shongweni at 7p.m.

3 March           Maritzburg LEAGUE

14 April            Howick

28 April            NATIONALS

19 May            MaritzburgLEAGUE

16 June            KZN PROVINCIALS at Emoyeni

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Note - Next pattern date is November 11th at Maritzburg. Also a non league day (means extra casual!). Starting at 9:00.

Report by Neil Allen

This was a replacement for our scheduled round of the week before which was cancelled due to low cloud. It was so low that Arthur Eggar has now become our Intrepid Cloudman. He went up into a figure 9 and disappeared in the clouds, to emerge several anxious seconds later in a completely different part of the sky! We were able to run this replacement event at Emoyeni. This is a lovely site, but is closed to non electric planes, and was also rather busy with microlights. They do an excellent toasted mega sandwich lunch though, which is a very civilized way to do things.

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